Utilize your Resources

All battles will favor the faction that is most prepared to face any and every opposition they encounter. Modify your weapons and install BioChips to improve the performance of your clanmates as well as your own. Take any and every opportunity to train yourself and your clan to improve their stats by sparing, exercising or participating in everyday activities. Consider purchasing companions, hiring reinforcements and fortifying your estate to defend the clan from any sieges that your enemies will attempt to sabotage your clan's efforts.

Visions of An Ancestry is an Alternate Universe Crossover that goes towards a more narrative and strategic direction than Digital Extreme's Free-to-Play game, Warframe. Despite the alternative direction the game will take, it will take place in an alternate timeline within the same universe as Warframe. Visions of An Ancestry will explore lore of Warframe in a more detailed perspective with several alterations and the heaviest focus on the Operators instead of the Warframes themselves. The game is expected to change and evolve overtime to provide new gameplay features, new characters, and gameplay fixes based on feedback from the players and testers. Regardless of the constant changes that this game will undergo in the future, it will start out as a simplistic Visual Novel under solo development in the first two releases.

Enhance your performance and arsenal


In the year 2116, an evil as old as the universe itself threatens the existence of the rising Orokin Empire and every faction that has ties to it. Sensing a dreaded omen that the existence of Demons will obliterate the Tenno, the Lotus and the Orokin Dax Teshin risk a time distortion and create a fighting force that can combat these ancient abominations head-on. You are a commander who will lead a Clan of Tenno to intercept and assault the demonic forces that seeks to annihilate mankind and the Orokin themselves. Will you earn their loyalty and save the living, or will they turn on the clan an abandon the world its gruesome fate?

Interact with your Clanmates

As the Tenno Comander, way you interact with your fellow clanmates and allies will greatly influence the outcome of the campaign as well as the fate of the factions of the Warframe universe. Not all clanmates will share the same perspectives you value and tend to get into conflicts to each other if disputes are left unchecked for a certain duration of time. But if you spend more time with them, they may reveal secrets regarding their origin and even provide opportunities to resolve internal conflicts that will severely impact their performance as the playthrough progresses.

Awaken the Warframes

About the Game in General

Each clan combatant will be able to participate in a special quest that will unlock their signature Warframe for use in Missions, Skirmishes and Quests once they reach a certain rank. There will be at least one Operator per Warframe and some combatants will already have their Warframes to begin with. Along with several unique variants of existing Warframes, there will also be entirely new Warframes introduced in the game.

The most vital path to victory in a war between two realities is the utilization of resources.

Acquire sponsors to produce a monthly income flow, mine the globe for vital resources, and gain the trust of local groups to take complete advantage over your Hellish opposition.