In spite of having several setbacks in life, I, Darryl "Ohgun" Isaac, have always wanted to produce my own games since I was only in my late Elementary School years. Between the sixth Grade in Middle School and my first five years in college, I built rather basic concepts using Mircosoft Office Products like Word and Excel, and even producing some floor plans on SmartDraw and various other Floor Plan based applications. I had first gotten into DAZ Studio and 3D Modeling when I was in High School, but as the hardware for the Dell system became incompatible with the software, I had to put the production of visuals on hold and focused on balancing my High School course work with my first job, a teacher's assistant in Sylvan Learning Center.

When I got my Alienware 13 last year, I realized that it was time for me to return creating visual art. During that year, I wanted to create an art label that was known as O-152 Studios. But it took me a whole year to realize that the name was rather unprofessional and uninteresting. and as a result I changed the name to the name you see on this site today. Now I am juggling between my College coursework; modding existing games such as Dragon Age Origins, Game Dev Tycoon, XCOM: Enemy Within and XCOM 2, and finally Skyrim; and producing 3D art for my label.

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